Posted on: June 20, 2008 7:32 pm

Mickelson The Fool

The recent U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego was phenomenal. The attendance was off the charts, for the most part the attendees followed golf protocol & Stevie Williams didn't have to pound anyone into submission for clicking while Tiger was teeing off & from all accounts it was one hell of a party, except for one person was missing buried down on the leader board.

Yes, I'm talking about Phil Mickelson.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing what a creative wedge player Phil is. He's money with his flop wedge, he's unbeatable from 100 yards, they say. Really? Did anyone remind Phil that the Big Stick in the bag is called a driver & it comes in handy at Torrey Pines. No, Mr. Creativity makes the decision to remove the driver from his bag so that he can have another wedge. He played like this for two days before someone obviously took him out to the shed & showed him what else a Big Stick is good for.

So Mr. Wedgie plays with a driver Saturday & Sunday & guess what? His score ends up lower than the first two days. Coincidence? I think not. Unfortunately he played with some common sense two days too late for it to make any difference & of course Tiger beats Rocco after 91 holes on some very gimpy legs.

By the way, Rocco, you made every old guy, journey man, weekend player proud. You're the type of a guy that almost anyone could golf with you & they'd have a blast & so would you. You made the Open fun. You made us smile & we were secretly rooting for you to win. You had Tiger & then he slipped away like he always does but I have a new golf hero & his name isn't Phil Mickelson.

Phil should have been kicking tail & taking names later on the course that he grew up on. Instead we got the greatest finish to the U.S. Open than anyone will see for a long time. So, I guess it wasn't all bad that Phil couldn't seal the deal.

I hope that Rocco goes on to win a couple of majors & that Tiger gets better sooner than later because in the meantime we're stuck with Mr. Wedgie & his Traveling Circus.

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Posted on: May 8, 2008 10:35 am

We Hardly Got To Know You Jim Edmonds


The first wave for the release of Jim Edmonds has started with a great column by Tim Sullivan in the San Diego Tribune.

FIrst, what the h*ll were the San Diego Padres thinking when they signed Jim Edmonds? The passed on Mike Cameron because he was going to start the season suspended for violating MLB's drug policy. 

Anyone who knows the Padres know that historically April is their worst month, so what would have been the downside to having Mike Cameron on the bench while giving a hot prospect like Chase Headley an opportunity to prove himself?

No, the Padres do what they've also done. They go shopping for past their prime, over the hill players who "have always wanted to play in San DIego." Note that they never say they want to play for the Padres, they just want to play in San Diego. They also have a history of picking up players who'll take discounted deals.

Now Cameron in back in uniform for the Milwaukee Brewers. Edmonds has had almost 3 times as many AB's as Cameron & here's how the stats look.

Both have 6 Runs   /   Hits: Edmonds 16, Cameron 8  /  HR's: Edmonds 1, Cameron 3 and Cameron has 1 more RBI than Edmonds.

Mike has a .235 BA while Edmonds is hitting an anemic .179 / Cameron has a .529 slugging %  / Edmonds is at .239 slugging %

It seems to me that the Padres were doing okay with Kevin Towers as GM. While he is still GM, he's got the "genius" of Sandy Alderson pulling the strings. Alderson may be an intelligent man but he can take his tired act back to the MLB offices & the Padres would be a better organization for  his departure.

It goes to prove, at least for me, that sabermetrics, Excel spreadsheets, analytical & statistical data will always lose to a good baseball man. This is coming from someone who sells software, is a business consultant for several software publishers, builds websites, etc. & truly believes in the power of the above listed data, but it has it's place.

I'd bet anyone that a long time, knowledgeable baseball fan could pick a better opening day roster for the Padres than Sandy Alderson.

Note to John Moores; get rid of your computer wiz kids who sit around all day runnning statistical data to show why one player is better than another in a snowstorm in Chicago, during a doubleheader against left handed pitchers who used to stutter as a child. Get the point? The point is that most of the data is useless.

Hire baseball players who answer to men who know baseball better than they know how to turn on a computer.

Back to Edmonds: Need any help packing?

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Posted on: May 5, 2008 10:58 pm

You Call That An Apology?

Roger Clemen's version of a mea culpa is so disingenuous that it almost evokes sympathy for the big old lummox. Well, almost.   His affair with Singer Mindy McCready, was confirmed by McCready & yet he still continues to deny it. I guess it's another case of "misremembering." Now we find that he was involved with others included John Daly's ex-wife.   His apology was for unspecified mistakes in his life. What the heck does that mean? It sounds like my children apologizing for doing something wrong & when asked what they're apologizing for they just shrug their shoulders & say "I don't know." Come on Roger, stand up & be a man. You made the mistakes, now admit you like variety in your life. You're not the first & you certainly won't be the last. Presidents have done the same & stayed in office.   I don't understand why it's so hard for Roger to address his issues the same way he mowed batters down. He was fearless on the mound. He was intimidating on the mound & now because of the turn of events since his last pitch he looks like any other guy.   Roger is infallible like the rest of us.  We all make mistakes, but what really separates a man from a weasel is that the man can make amends for his wrong doings & move on with his life, & hopefully not make the same mistake. So far Roger is still scurrying around with the weasels.   Roger, you can do anything that you want to in this life but you better be prepared to pay the price. Are you ready, Roger?
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